Functional Needs

What are your needs from a functional perspective?

- I want IGPro access from my home computer.
A: Currently, we don't have an online gradebook in place. However, you can checkout the use of IGPro as a desktop application from the IMC as needed.
- Some smartboards don't work as well as others. (Room 132 and 120)
A: We've done a check of SMART Boards and have replaced older computers that were causing some problems. If there are lingering issues, please let us know.
- I am having a hard time gaining access to certain internet materails due administrative protections. Also, the time it takes to update certain internet upgrades do not come in time to meet deadlines.
A: Currently, district has restrictions on end users; however, many of these restrictions have been removed. Please let us know specifically what issues are still conflicting with curricular and instructional goals: certain websites, software downloads, java, etc.
- E-mail at home is impossible.
A: The updated Groupwise web access should have fixed this for you
- I need to be able to imbed quicktime videos in powerpoint. There is a incompatibility.
A: With PC, it is an issue usually worked around via hyperlinks.
- Could we have computers on carts for easy transfer to classes without?
A: We have two carts that can be checked out. Each cart has 15 computers so they are dedicated for group use not individual
- Computer capabilities to read DVD to show class.
A: Please let us know which class isn't equipped with this function or if there is a software issue
- Faster response from tech help line.
- Network fault when printing.
Faster rebooting in the classroom computers
A: Hopefully, you've noticed a faster boot time. We are working to make this better.
Subscriptions to educational websites
A: Let us know what you need
Saving locally vs. on the network
I Google
Lab time hard to come by -- can we get newer computers?
Laptops for teachers we can bring into the classrooms
A: Currently a big discussion point
Hiding e-mail while using classroom computers (TURN OFF 'Notify')
A: upon initial login, don't login to Groupwise (the groupwise pop-up). This is what causes those notifications
Can we operate e-mail on Outlook Express?
A: At this point no, but it is being discussed.